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There is much less hassle with an aluminum awning than similar structures. Because of the weatherproof benefits, homeowners will only need to wash away dirt and debris after a big storm, while other awnings would require repair and perhaps even need replacement. Homeowners do not need to deal with the hassle of keeping up with maintenance costs, our awnings need no maintenance. Designed to handle snow loads that could easily tear a plexiglass awning, & aluminum awnings are perfect for the year-round look. The most important maintenance for homeowners is to regularly cut back limbs of nearby trees to prevent damage if they fell onto the structure. Colors on Aluminum Awnings are baked on and will not fade like canvas. Plus, aluminum is naturally rustproof and termite-proof!

​​Aluminum & Plexiglass products. We serve all of New York and 5 the boroughs & Serving Long Island! with free at home estimates. Our products include aluminum & plexiglass canopies and awnings. Our products can be placed over windows,, doors, patios, porches, carports, zorox and more.

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Our Aluminium awnings, Plexiglass awnings are highly weather resistant, and come with 10 year guarantee. We build & Install awnings all over Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, Manhattan, Bronx, and other areas of New York. Call us today!


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